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10 Times Ryan Reynolds Accurately Described Parenting In 140 Characters or Less

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Ryan Reynolds is one of those annoying people who has it all – successful career, beautiful family, and a great sense of humor. Honestly, I would hate him if I wasn’t so busy fantasizing about him. And even though I didn’t think it was possible to love him more, my heart expands every time I read one of his 100% accurate tweets about parenting. Reynolds, father to two daughters under two, shows that even though he has incredible abs and boatloads of money, he still deals with the same parenting woes as the rest of us.

1. Flying is the worst.

2. That’s certainly unique.
such a lucky girl

3. Those were great years.
the good old days

4. Parents still know how to party.
party so hard

5. Been there.
been there

6. They always want the keys.
they always want the keys

7. What’s…freedom?
what's freedom?

8. He probably had a blast, too.
it's much happier without kids

9. I wouldn’t mind a 14 hour time out.
14 days would be nice, even

10. File it in the trash can.
throw it right in the trash can

He’s pretty awesome at this, isn’t he? Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite. 

(Image: Instagram / @vancityreynolds)