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10 Things Your Kids Will Do If They Are Having A Snow Day In GIFs

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145671305If you woke up this boring to the announcement that school has been cancelled, I can pretty much promise your kids will do any number of these things.

Wake Up Before Their Usual Time All Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed 

Why is it that on normal days you basically have to drag your kids out of bed, and the second it is a snow day they are all awake and cheerful and ready to get this day started?

Ask You Before It Is Even Light Out If They Can Go Sledding 

 Go Out Sledding For 15 Minutes, Come Back In And Drip All Over The Floor 

Kids never stay outside long. It basically took you more time to bundle them up then it takes them to play outside, and then they reward you by forgetting to take their boots off on the doormat.

Demand Hot Chocolate 

With extra mini marshmallows and whipped cream.

Refuse To Drink Hot Chocolate  

Ask To Go Outside Again, This Time To Build A Snowman 

Become Very Cranky When All You Have Are Baby Carrots, And Not Snowman Sized Ones 

Exclaim They Are Bored 

Even though they have rooms to clean, books to read, television to watch, movies to watch and toys to play with. And no school work to do. They will exclaim they are bored.

 Find Your Secret Gift Stash 

You need to go quickly hide wherever you have stashed the presents right now, because if your kids are off school today they will find them. Oh they will.

Check The Weather Every Half Hour And Exclaim They Hope Tomorrow is A Snow Day Too 

And please, for all of our sakes, I hope it isn’t.

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