10 Things Moms Should Never Be Caught Wearing In Public

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As we all know, once a woman hits her expiration date by turning 30 or popping out a child, she has to be careful what she wears out in public. Here are a few of the fashion no-no’s you’ll definitely want to avoid!

1. Radium watches.


The glow-in-the-dark face is both cool and convenient, but the radiation poisoning might make you late for that PTA meeting or play date.

2. The t-shirt of the band whose concert you’re currently attending.


Don’t be that guy.

3. A miniskirt (made of human skin).


It’s absolutely fine to show your legs off after you have kids! Just don’t do it while showing off what used to be someone else’s legs.

4. An iron maiden.


Medieval torture devices: not even once.

5. An old-timey diving suit.


The helmet will make it hard for you to check your blind spot while driving, or to look both ways before crossing the street.

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