10 Things Kate Middleton Should Do On Her Maternity Leave

Last we heard from Duchess Kate Middleton, she had her last work day on the books before taking Princess Maternity Leave. According to our Buckingham Palace reports, she’s about a week or so into her time off  — and something tells me that it will be a tad or so longer than American maternity leave.

I hope Kate Middleton is somewhere enjoying a moderate glass of wine with her feet up, taking in the silence of her house. And if she hasn’t already, she should make sure to engage in the following activities.

1. Get A Blinged Out Manicure

blinged out manicure

After all, you’re not going to be changing them diapers!

(photo: StephanieCarcache)

2. Take Pregnant Selfies

pregnant selfie

I would love nothing more than to load up the Buckingham Palace Facebook and see the Duchess trying to capture that bump with an iPhone.

(photo: martacus)

3. Write Complain-y Pregnant Facebook Statuses


Just like those annoying girls you went to high school with. And since she’ll be on Facebook anyway….

4. Make A Submission To STFU Parents


You know Kate has some old prep school chums in her Facebook feed that she wouldn’t mind screen-capping for Blair.

5. Write A Ragey Comment On Mommyish


You’re officially among friends, Kate.

6. Send Fake Baby Pics To All Her Friends To See Which One Sells Them



7. Paint Easter Eggs On Her Tummy

pregnant painted belly

Why not?

(photo: Go! Shawn!)

8. Start A Pinterest Board Under The Name “Princess Sanctimommy” And Post Things Like This


Plus a fashion board à la Quinoa.

9. Eat Bons-Bons

bon bonsAmong many other Buckingham Palace treats.

(photo: Linda’s Kitchen)

10. Start EPIC Nesting 

fancy baby nursery

Show North West what she is up against.

(photo: babylifestyles.com)

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