10 Things I’ll Really Miss About Mommyish

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vintage woman at tyoewriterDear lovely Mommyish readers,

After founding Mommyish in 2011 and 2.5 years at the helm as editor, I’ll be leaving. It has been of the utmost pleasure fostering this lively community and seeing our little corner of the web flourish through your varied opinions, contributions, and submissions. If you’ve been here for awhile, then you know better than anyone else that it’s the readership that makes Mommyish a very different place from other parenting communities. I’ve always been impressed by the unique palate of our readers and their willingness to explore taboos of motherhood with both thoughtfulness and humor.

While our writers and editors have constantly strived to be candid in their parenting narratives, it’s you who have truly kept this conversation honest.

You’re an awesomely brazen group who have consistently kept me on my toes and I’ll miss you and all of the staff dearly. Feel free to visit me in the Twittersphere and The Gram.

I’d wish you all luck on your parenting quest, but honestly, I doubt you’ll need it.


Koa Beck

Editor in Chief

1. Eve texting me Bambi gifs

2. Readers being awesome in the comment threads

3. Getting stellar pitches from women who know that they’re going to get flamed for straying from motherhood mythologies and give #ZeroFucks

4. Eve selling me a pitch that I’m a little iffy on but will probably do well

5. Writing a reactionary piece to some epic racist, slut-shamey, victim-blamey nonsense

6. Getting into debates about racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism and everything in between

7. Hanging out with very opinionated women who don’t scare easily (staff and readers)

8. Getting tips from devoted readers who see problematic stuff and choose to send them to US

9. Questioning my own ideologies through reader feedback

10. Eve swearing a lot an doing this in the background

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