The 10 Single Moms That You’ll Encounter With Stock Photos

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single momEveryone knows that the image of a single mother tends to be not so positive. But as I often sit behind my Mommyish desk and format posts for you lovely readers, I can attest that the literal images of single moms could use some revamping too. While stock images in general can be random or pretty nauseating (think pristine nuclear families smiling over Thanksgiving dinners), the ones attributed to the search phrase “single mom” are often times a particular grade of WTF.

If single mothers aren’t frolicking through fields with their ecstatic kids, then I can guarantee you they’ll be cold, heartless business women stuffing their kids into suitcases. Stock photo tropes, if you will. It’s not necessarily a PR problem. It’s more so a how do I pick through all these sobbing children to accompany a piece on being a no regrets single mother problem.

So here’s just a small sampling of what myself and the rest of the Mommyish editorial team paw through every day — or  whenever some single mom scapegoating comes over the wires (so every day).