10 Reasons Your Baby Doesn’t Feel Like Weaning

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It’s World Breastfeeding Week a.k.a, a wonderful time of year to support all those ladies have chosen to/can breastfeed their babies. Yay for for those ladies! Don’t let the breastfeeding shamers get you down! But for the rest of you who are still rah rah rah breastfeeding but are feeling more like one rah due to weaning struggles, there are many a reason your baby isn’t ready to say goodbye to the golden milk.

1. Because you have to go back to work


(photo:  ynnejdrofdarb)

2. Because you would like to actually go places in your car

breastfeeding while driving

(photo:  Mandolin3142)

3. Because you a BIG event to go to

breastfeeding wedding

(photo:  juggler314)

4. Because you have mastitis



5. Because you’d like to have a fine meal alone

breastfeeding oyesters

(photo:  karmakeda)

6. Because you’d like to go somewhere without bringing the nursing tent

nursing tent

(photo: AbFabulies)

7. Because you’re sick of uncomfortable pillows

breastfeeding twins(photo: y عʈ¡ – ʇıɯs ıʇə ʞıɹə)

8. Because you’d like to take a selfie that’s actually just of yourself

breastfeeding selfie

(photo: wakeupslowly)

9. Because breastfeeding playdates are superior to all other playdates

breastfeeding playdate

(photo:  igormphotography)

10. Because I have new teeth I want to try out

baby teeth

(photo: allygirl520)