10 Reasons To Have An Abortion – Illustrated By Adorable Cats

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Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.34.38 AMI’m pro-choice. I’ve made my stance on this issue very clear numerous times on Mommyish, and I may not share the same beliefs with my employees or employers, but I am pro-choice. I believe abortion should be safe, legal and rare, and I don’t think the majority of women make the decision to have an abortion lightly. Yesterday our writer Maria Guido reported on the (awesome) news that a federal judge declared today new abortion restrictions passed by the Texas Legislature are unconstitutional. Maria linked this story on our Facebook page – which we do with many of our articles, and a reader made this comment: Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.27.50 AM Mommyish is a parenting website. We support all parents,including those who become parents by accident, and we also support people who don’t want to become parents. I have children who I love beyond words and I am pro-choice. I don’t think these two things are mutually exclusive. My mother was pro-choice and had children. I know many women do. You can love kids, you can think babies are amazing, and you can also be in favor of a woman deciding what is best for her life and her body.

Due to the fact we have all seen one million sad stories on the Internet illustrated by miserable looking stock photo women sobbing into their hands, I have decided to use cats instead. I’m a cat fan, and I would rather look at cats than whatever comes up when you search photo websites for “abortion.”

I’m very pro-choice, and I can think of 10 reasons to have an abortion.

Having A Baby Would Endanger Your Life  shutterstock_157160969 (Image: DavidTB/shutterstock) Or cause you medical hardship.

Your Birth Control Failed  shutterstock_140663611 (Image: : Cherry-Merry/shutterstock) For whatever reason, your birth control failed. It happens.

You Don’t Want To Have A Child Because Of Your Career  tumblr_m81zn2ccFV1qguhnvo1_500 (Image: Tumblr) You feel like having a baby, taking maternity leave, and caring for a child would harm your career opportunities.

You Feel You Are Too Young  shutterstock_136846994 (Image: Leonid and Anna Dedukh/shutterstock) Maybe you’re a teen with an unplanned pregnancy, or maybe you are any age with an unplanned pregnancy, and you feel you are too young.

You Feel You Are Too Old  shutterstock_116715037 (Image:  Dziewul/shutterstock) Maybe your kids have all grown up and left home and you feel you are too old to have a baby. Maybe you feel like your diaper changing days are done.  

You Feel Strongly About Overpopulation  6a00e5538ab55c88330133f33390f9970b-500wi (Image: Tumblr) And you don’t want to add another human to the world.

You Are Worried About The Health Of The Baby  shutterstock_143928580 (Image:  AdStock RF /shutterstock) Either because of impending miscarriage, Trisomy 13 or Potter’s Syndrome, birth defects or diseases passed down in a family.  

You Want No Relationship With The Person Who Got You Pregnant  shutterstock_146531684 (Image: Petr Malyshev/shutterstock)

This can be anything from cases of rape and incest, to having a partner with drug or alcohol issues, to domestic violence in a relationship to getting pregnant with someone during a one-night stand.

You Don’t Want To Have A Child  shutterstock_118113208 (Image: Beauty photographer/shutterstock)

For whatever reason.

This list is by no means inclusive, and I could have probably easily come up with a hundred or so more reasons why someone should have an abortion.I don’t think abortions are something that women decide to do on the spur of the moment or because they haven’t carefully considered all their options, and I support adoption IF that is what a woman decides she wants to do. Before some of you readers rage at me, I more than welcome your thoughts, debates and opinions. And I hope we have a counter-list published in the future.

(Image: B.Stefanov/shutterstock)