10 Reasons That Your House Is A Mess With Toddlers

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If toddlers aren’t resisting both bedtime and nap time then they’re running a muck all over your house and ruining your prized white sofa (whaaa? You STILL have that?). In the last few years, you’ve most likely watched your previously pristine space become awash in plastic crap that you swore that you’d never buy and more raisins in the cushions than you can count.

But with one or possibly more adults in the house, how does your home manage to look like a drunken parade of toddlers barged through Jumanji style?

1. Because you have toddler toes to spontaneously paint

toddler toe nail polish

(photo:  ashleighmosley)

2. Because you just hosted the longest playdate ever

messy house

(photo:  Laura_and_Alex)

3. Because lunch ended up in places that you didn’t anticipate

messy toddler face

(photo: Arkansasgirl72)

4. Because it’s randomly time to paint now

toddler painting

(photo: Ian & Becca)

5. Because it’s randomly time to bake now

toddler baking

(photo:  AmberStrocel)

6. Because somebody randomly wants to try on all their clothes right now

messy toddler room

(photo:  RokeritaDelFlow)

7. Because somebody randomly wants to play with all their toys right now

messy toddler room2

(photo:  Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing])

8. Because it’s your birthday and mommy wants a cake shot

toddler cake

(photo:  lohkin)

9. Because you decided to give me pasta, you fool

toddler pasta

(photo: matt misener)

10. Because I’m helping you cook tonight

toddler in kitchen

(photo:  famillediaoune)