10 Reasons It’s Actually Fun To Have A (Mildly) Sick Kid

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No one likes a sick kid. They’re whiny and snotty. The require tons of extra attention and lots of effort. Moms frequently get together and gripe about the frustration that is sick children. Or sick husbands who act like children.

But I’m beginning to think that there are a couple upsides to a case of the sniffles. In fact, a mild cold or upset tummy can lead to a surprisingly wonderful day at the Cross household.

Obviously, I’m not talking about serious illness. Having your child deal with real sickness that threatens their well-being is terrifying. Spending any time in the hospital at all is no fun. Like, not even remotely. We all feel sympathy for parents who have to deal with seriously ill children.

But that’s worlds away from the minor runny noses or belly aches that most parents deal with. These passing viruses that frequently find their way home from school and daycare inspire lots of griping. However, I’ve found some bright spots in this normal parenting cloud. In fact, I can admit that I frequently enjoy a good sick day with my little one. Here’s why: