10 People You Meet Running Errands With Your Toddler

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toddler at steering wheelWhen out and about with a small one in tow, there are usual suspects one encounters with a to-do list in hand. Whether you’re just doing a driveby at the dry cleaners or a whole day of grocery shopping, DMV, and post office, here is who you and your toddler are likely to encounter:

1. The person offering you parenting suggestions

2. The person who wants to have an epic long conversation with your kid about school

3. The person trying to sell stuff outside the store/post office/parking lot

4. The person who insists on talking to your kid even though your kid has zero interest

5. The person who goes on and on about how gorgeous your kid is

6. The person who insists on knowing the complete origin of your kid’s fabulous name

7. The person who leans in and says, “Is this your first?”

8. The person who gives your kid free food/office supply/pen for being a cutie pie

9. The person who is weirdly photographing your kid and doesn’t ask for permission

10. The person who is a model scout and thinks your kid should model

11. The person who is using a convo with your kid as a way to hit on you

12. The person who says that your kid is just plain awesome

(photo: Rice and D)