10 Parents Who Just Don’t Give An Eff Anymore

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You ever come across a parent in public who is just DONE? Like hit max capacity and there’s no looking back? Mommy arsenal is officially depleted and you need to get in this car right now? Chances are, you’ve probably been that parent. How about those mommies and daddies who are just going to do this whole parenting thing their way and don’t give a snack pack what you think? Whether they are letting their crazy, exhaustion, frustration, or goodies hang all out, here’s to parents who just don’t give an eff anymore.

1. This guy swore he’d never be “that parent.”

kid holding computer(photo:

2. Nap time and groceries. CHECK

kid buried in grocery cart


3. When “please put on your jackets” turns into “daddy, pretend you’re a sleigh!”

dad dragging kids

(photo: jayessaitch)

4. Hard core mommying right here

mom carrying screaming kid

(photo: )

5. If the kids won’t make this shot happen, you will

stripper mom(photo: HannahAristaPhotojournalism)

6. Shauna Sand so does not give a fuck what you think

Shauna Sand poses with her new boytoy, daughters and stripper stilettos(photo: Mr Q2)

7. To the lady who wants to invite her cats into her preggo shot

preggo with cats 2

YES YOU CANmaternity shot with cats

(photo:  Jazmin Million)

8. Tired? Wasted? Teething? All three?

moms with babies menu

(photo:  drake lelane)

9. Doesn’t even pause when telling the cashier her order

mom tantrum(photo: edkohler)

10. He just started doing this one day

toddler feeding dad beard(photo:  pakkoidea)