10 Parenting Experiences As Relived Through Tony Soprano

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James Gandolfini is sadly no longer among us but his amazing performance as Tony Soprano lives on, as well as his stellar parenting advice. Need to keep those brats and fellow parents in check?  Mommy wars BS? PTA smackdown? You can always defer to that Soprano Code of Conduct. Tony knew how to handle any parenting crisis

1. When the kids act up


2. When your kid shoves another kid on the playgroundtumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano8_250

3. When a stranger tells you to zip up your kid’s jackettumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano3_250

4. When you forgot to pick up diapers, blanked on a doctor’s appointment, and have no snacks for the playgroundtumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano2_250

5. When you’re asked about “having it all”tumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano7_250

6. When your kid’s teacher tell you that your kid is a “delight” in classtumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano1_250

7.  When you’re forced to assistant coach another little league team due to tradition


8. When another mom gets all judgey about you skipping the PTA meetingtumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano10_250

9.  When your kid’s friend gets all smart assy at your housetumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano9_250

10. When you decide to host your kid’s birthday party with 30+ of his or her classmatestumblr_moovqwVZVZ1srraano5_250