10 No-Carve Pumpkins Because Little Kids Shouldn’t Play With Knives

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I love carving pumpkins, but I hate carving pumpkins around little kids. Yes, they can scoop out guts and stuff but then they always want to “help carve” the actual pumpkins and because I’m a wonderful, responsible adult, I didn’t usually let my tiny kids handle knives. Decorating pumpkins is a great way to keep kids busy though, and since I’m terribly fond of finding new ways to entertian kids, I scoured the web in search of some awesome NO CARVE pumpkins that you can make with your little monsters. And leave the carving knives and chainsaws to the adults. Also, because I once read that the smell of pumpkins gives men erections, so make them do it.

Butterfly Pumpkin


How cute is this? Tutorial can be found at  Spoonful.

 Painted Pumpkins 

272d1edb7403797872b4d69716102c3aI’m such a fan of Meg Duerksen and her Whatever blog, and she made these adorable pumpkins with her kids. If you want to cry a lot, be sure and check out her amazing kitchen remodel.

Disco Pumpkin 



At Parent Map they covered a pumpkin in glitter and sequins. I would make my own kids do this one outside on newspaper but I am all about this life.

Paper Brad Pumpkin

e250a5a69c4b61d6f09819d92a1c0eddFrom Pinterest, how easy is just sticking some paper brads into a pumpkin to polka-dot it? I love this idea.

 Spiderwebby Pumpkins 


Also from Pinterest, how cool and easy are these? You just take twine, wrap it around and add some little plastic spiders.

 Amazing Princessy Pumpkin


From Decoist, I want this for myself.

Gorgeous Modernist Pumpkins 



Another one your kids may need help with, these chic pumpkins from Brit &Co are beyond.

Cinderella Pumpkin



I wish I had the source for this because it is amazing. You would have to carve the little entry areas but how much fun would your kids have helping you decorate this Cinderella pumpkin?

 Hello Kitty Pumpkin


Via Pinterest, it looks like the features are cut from felt so little ones could glue them on.

Puffy Paint Pumpkin


From Learn Play Imagine.

(Image: Whatever)