10 Kids’ Television Shows That Should Have Never Left The Air Waves

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In today’s news, you constantly see articles about how the media is hurting, exploiting, and brain washing young children. You hear parents talk about limited TV time because of all the garbage their kids have been watching. You fight a constant battle with your own kids about shutting off their screens and going outside to do something.  You think about how bad Hannah Montana is, and how pointless The Suite Life On Deck seems. And then you think about all the quality TV you watched as a kid.

Maybe the reason parents have such an issue with their kids watching TV today is because of how crappy the shows have actually become. In my opinion TV shows for kids have been getting worse and worse. There is an endless list in my mind of all the show I loved as a kid and wish would come back so that my baby sister (and one day my kids) could watch them.

There hasn’t been a TV in my house for a long time but growing up we had one and I spent many hours in my childhood on my grandmother’s bed watching PBS kids. The 90s “kid pride” thing is not an unfamiliar one to most people and as a kid then, the 90s had no real iconic symbol the way the previous decades did (at least that I could see). There weren’t flappers, hippies, or people wearing a lot of neon spandex. But there were good kids shows, not just good, it was the best TV ever. It’s stuff that I still want to watch.  Here’s a sample of TV shows that never should’ve left the air. They’re educational, hilarious, and totally appropriate for kids unlike Adventure Time (who is that show for, anyway?!).  I would swap out Dora, My Little Pony, or iCarly for one of these any day.