10 Interview Questions To Find The Perfect Summer Nanny

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summer nannyMy entire high school career, I was a nanny during the summer. I had the supreme pleasure of taking care of two awesome little kids every day from 7am to 5pm while their mother was at work. Now, I’m in the position where I’m considering my own summer nanny.

First of all, I feel like the process has gotten much more complex. A decade ago, I got my job because a friend of a friend’s neighbor had mentioned the open position during routine small talk. Now, I’m creating internet profiles and trying to explain my family in 1000 characters or less. It’s a lot more technical and a lot more involved. However, it also gives the opportunity to find the perfect nanny for your little one, instead of just accepting the random teen who goes to school with a neighbor’s daughter’s friend.

So if you’re going to find the perfect nanny for your child and one that fits in with your family, you’re going to need to have some interview questions ready to go before you start talking salary and schedules. Of course, we all know to ask for backround information and references. But there are things that are a lot more important than how many younger siblings a person has. You need to see if your potential-nanny’s attitude is the right fit for both you and your little one.

Here are some interview questions that will help you determine whether your summer sitter will turn out to be a dream-come-true or a total nightmare.