10 Honest Confessions About Pregnancy Sex So Many of Us Can Relate To

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Sex during pregnancy can be difficult. These people on the Whisper app weren’t afraid to get honest about pregnancy sex . It’s hard to feel sexy when you’re body is constantly growing and stretching and feeling foreign. When you’re tired and constantly going to the bathroom, it’s hard to believe that you will ever feel sexy again. Then again, some women feel like absolute sex goddesses when they’re pregnant. That pregnancy glow radiates from within and you have never felt more sexy and proud of your body.

Or you can oscillate between the two. This is especially true of those last few months/weeks of pregnancy. If you’re one of those women who had sex right up until the end, you deserve a medal. No, seriously.

1. Feel so fat app app

2. Feel sexy! app app

3. Pregnancy sex freaks him out app app

4. Adventure! app app

5. So not sexy app app

Of course, pregnant women aren’t the only ones who are affected by sex drive changes during pregnancy. Their partners are also affected by those changes. It is easy to forget about them or brush their concerns off as less than because they are not the ones carrying the baby, but it is important to validate their feelings too, even though they might not share the opinions that the pregnant person is experiencing in relation to their sexuality during pregnancy.

6. Refuses app app

7. I feel worse app app

8. Zero interest app app

9. They lied app app

10. Getting annoyed app app

There really is no formula for the perfect amount of intimacy during marriage. Both parties should of course be comfortable with the decision and have their feelings heard. It is easy to put your feelings above the other person’s but everyone’s feelings are valid. If you stop and talk about what you’re experiencing physically and mentally you can at least make an attempt at fixing the problems before the get really serious.