10 Halloween Ideas That Won’t Scare The Crap Out Of Your Kid

I’ve never really been a huge fan of Halloween – but since I have a toddler now whose birthday falls right around the holiday, I think I have to embrace it.

I went to the dollar store last week and went Halloween-crazy, came home, proceeded to put the decorations up and totally freaked my kid out. Somehow, I neglected to notice that Halloween is terrifying.

Since most young kids don’t like face-less ghouls, blood, zombies and severed limbs, here are some ideas for decorations that your kid won’t be terrified of. I spent the morning on Pinterest so you won’t have to.

1. Happy Frankenstein!

(Pinterest/ Parentmap.com)

Look, it’s Frankenstein, but he’s cute. A little spray paint, a sharpie, some felt and googly eyes and you’re done.

2. Googly-Eyed Everything!

(Pinterest/ decorfortheholidays.com)

Googly eyes make everything cute. This is a great, easy idea.

3. Milk-Jug Lights!

(Pinterest/ Shannon Bartholomew)

Draw some cute faces. Cut a little hole in the bottom of the jug. Cram some lights in. Adorable.

4. Foot Ghosts!

(Pinterest/ pumpkins-and-poison.tumblr.com)

You guys – seriously? How cute is this? You’ll probably want to throw this one in a memory box.

5. Cobweb Plates!

(Pinterest/ tipjunkie.com)

Yeah, I’m totally not using my real plates for this. But I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on a paper plate, too. Or a plastic one.

6. Magical Ghost!

(Pinterest/ Kim Lucas)

There are no directions with this one. Just a crafty image that you’re supposed to be able to make sense of. How does this work? How does the soda bottle disappear? I’m sorry I’ve included this but it’s too cute and I was hoping one of you could figure it out.

7. Mummy Door!

(Pinterest/ Luis M Ruiz Calderon)

I love this. I could probably pull this off. But then again, so could my toddler. Literally.

8. Ghost Garland!

(Pinterest/ tipjunkie.com)

All you need is lantern lights and some fabric to pull this off.

9. Paper Plate Ghosts


This is not a scary ghost.

10. Eyes In Your Drink!


This will amuse kids but I’m totally spiking these and giving them to the adults that I’m inviting over for a Halloween party. I need a reward for all of this crafting.

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