10 Craziest Parenting Questions On Yahoo! Answers

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One of my favorite pastimes, ever, is perusing Yahoo! Answers, a community where members can ask and answer questions for points. I’m not sure exactly what the points can be used for, and to be honest I was a little surprised that people still used Yahoo at all, but nonetheless the experience has been…let’s just say enlightening.

Yahoo! Answers isn’t the only question and answer site online. It isn’t the oldest or even the biggest, as far as I know. But Yahoo! Answers has something that no other similar site has: the most dim-witted, douche-tastic members every born. I can literally feel my IQ points drop when I read this site. See? I just used literally wrong. Or did I? I don’t KNOW! Thanks Yahoo!

1. A teenage boy watching porn? NO!

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 13.59

2. If you can read this, you win a medal…

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.13

3. Can you say OVERREACTION? 

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.14

4. “Grade A” parenting right here

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.15

5. This lady and #3 should get their own comment thread 

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.16

6. Question, with a side of judgey coming up!

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.28

7. iPad? How about iStalk?

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.32 - Copy

8. Somebody call Jerry Springer and then get this lady a spine

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.38

9. Having kids out of love is SO last century

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.40

10. Come again?

ScreenHunter_144 Sep. 11 14.10