10 Beautiful Mother and Daughter Necklaces for Your Wishlist

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With Mother’s Day only a few weeks away, it’s not too early to start dropping hints about what you’d like. Mother and daughter necklaces are a lovely way to carry around a reminder of your motherhood while also including your daughter. What little girl doesn’t like jewelry? These Mother and daughter necklaces are beautiful and will surely be a hit with the little girls in your life.

1. Sterling Silver Floating Initial Hearts Mother Daughter Necklace Set

This is the perfect necklace for moms with multiple daughters. Each tiny heart can be engraved, too!

2. Tree of Life Pendant Mother Daughter Necklace

tree of life necklaces mother daughter necklaces

via amazon

“Strong roots produce beautiful leaves.” Love it.

3. Dandelion Necklace Set

dandelion mother/daughter necklace set

via etsy / emilyjdesign

This is so delicate, and there’s no limit to how many tiny dandelion fluff necklaces you can add.

4. Mother and Daughter Elephant Necklace

mother daughter elephant necklaces

via etsy / StatementMadeUK

I love how the baby elephant fits in with the mother elephant.

5. Mother and Daughter Key Pendants

mother daughter key pendents

via Amazon

Because she owns the key to your heart (and your sanity).

6. Quote Necklaces

love you forever mother daughter necklaces

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Well, now I’m crying.

7. Mother and Daughter Eternity Necklace

This is subtle and lovely.

8. Multi-piece Heart Jigsaw Puzzle Necklace Set

This necklace can come in up to five pieces, perfect for a big family.

9. Moon and Stars

Mother Daughter Moon Stars necklace

via Etsy / Muse411

You love them to the moon and back.

10. Generations Necklaces

3 generations mother daughter necklaces

via Etsy / AzaleaPlum

Because grandmas are the most special mothers.

Which one is your favorite mother and daughter necklace?